Solo Pop-Diva, Guinevere, Chats About Touring and Recording


Since the release of her breakout single, “Crazy, Crazy,” Canadian solo-artist Guinevere has been climbing her way up the charts and touring the world to spread her take on pop music. With the energy of established favorites like Britney Spears, the sultry rawness of Christina Aguilera, and a voice with the tone of Joan Jett plus a bit of Ann Wilson’s power, Guinevere has created her own niche in the world of music. Guinevere has gotten nods from the likes of Ryan Seacrest, who made mention of her cover of Mac Miller‘s “Missed Calls.” The track showed her versatility as an artist, easily able to make the jump between electro-pop and club music to a more sensitive and emotional song.

Wrapping her tour and preparing to head back into the studio for more fashionable “F-bombs” and creatively catchy tunes, Guinevere is ready to take her freshman efforts back for another semester of studio time. While we’re fortunate enough to have a great vantage point from which to view her progress, there’s nothing like hearing from the artist herself on what it’s like to break into the music industry, and stay on top of it.

ENTRTNMNT: How has touring and interacting with fans helped you develop as an artist over the past few months that you’ve been on the road?

Guinevere: The more shows you play, the better artist you become. I’ve played close to 200 shows this year and have improved and developed significantly because of it. You gain the best experience playing live and it gives you the opportunity to grow and take chances on stage. You get a feeling for the crowd and you know exactly what to do to make it engaging. It’s a constant improvement for your craft. I love it!

ENTRTNMNT While on tour, how do you adapt and adjust to your needs as the artist if something
in your live show needs tweaking?

Guinevere: As an artist you need to be able to adapt to situations of a live show that might change. It comes with experience. Sometimes there may not be a sound check; you might not know what the stage looks like. You have to learn to always be ready for any curve ball that’s thrown at you. 

ENTRTNMNT What is your biggest support while away? Are there any favorite activities or habits that keep your energy up for the demands of a tour?

Guinevere: All I need on tour is Red Bull and a great music playlist and I’m set! The road is home to me. 

ENTRTNMNT What’s next!? Has the time spent traveling given you moments to create new work to bring to the studio?

Guinevere: After practically a year of touring there is so much to digest and think about. For the next few months I’ll be writing and working on some new tracks. I’m shooting a music video in a few weeks for my next single ‘Fly Away’. Can’t wait to release that in January! Be ready. 


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