Rock Band ‘Namesake’ Release New Album, Head Out On Tour


Namesake isn’t just a term used to characterize a person, place, or idea that has the same name to another, but Namesake is a rock band, with a Pop/Punk influence, comprised of a group of guys in their early twenties. They took on the name Namesake for the band because each of the guys in the band all bear their father’s name. The band consists of Will Crafton on vocals, guitarists Brad Wagner & Troy Harmon, James Nalley on bass guitar, and drummer Kevin Nordeste.

While these guys may be young in age, they are no strangers to the music industry. Namesake has been on many tours over the last couple of years since signing to Imagen Records in 2010.  They have toured with Eve 6, Allstar Weekend and Honor Society to name a few. The band recently headed out on their currently tour with Eve 6 and Everclear.

The last time I saw these guys perform was over the summer. They had just finished recording their recently released album ‘Borders & Fences‘ and they were touring across the country playing in small club sized venues and now they are playing theaters. It won’t be long before they are filling arenas and stadiums.

Concert Blogger had a chance to sit down with Will, Brad and Kevin on the first night of the current tour and chat about the new album. The guys described how the songs on the album Borders & Fences contain personal references as they all experienced leaving home, their families and girlfriends to set out and write this album together. At the time they had only just met Troy a few weeks earlier so this was the first time that the band would all be together as one. When asked to describe what the songs on the album are about, Will said “It’s about overcoming the borders and fences that we all face in our lives, coming out positive in the end and making yourself a better person.”

The guys spent a lot of time together collaborating and writing songs together for the album before they packed up and headed down to Florida where they teamed up with  James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, and New Found Glory) who produced this album. “It was a really awesome experience” said Brad, adding”James and all of us poured our hearts into this album.”

After spending six months working on the album, it was finished but the band wasn’t ready to release it right away. They decided to set out on tour in order to gain new fans and momentum for the band. Well these guys are gaining in popularity and have tons of fans that are helping to make them successful from attending shows to voting for the band during online contests and calling local radio stations to have their songs played on-air.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Will gave thanks for the unrelenting support of their fans, adding “We don’t really consider them fans. They are more like friends.”

Go out and support these guys. They make great music and are awesome to see live in concert.

Namesake can be heard on radio stations across the country and they encourage you to call your local radio station and support them by requesting their song “Worlds Away”.


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