With The Struts taking over the radio with their hit single, Could Have Been Me their first American release, “Have You Heard…”has a fitting name. Originally from Derby, England the band brought their first American headlining tour to Philadelphia for their second run of the States.

Fresh and ready to conquer the world, The Struts are ringing in the true spirit of rock and roll.

Their new EP has four songs off their album Everybody Wants, solely released overseas. With the number of radio stations picking up the single and almost and entire leg of sold out shows, it’s no surprise everyone is talking about The Struts.

Philadelphia’s show was initially scheduled at Ortleib’s Lounge, but a burst of ticket sales sent the band off to a bigger venue for a sold out show in the upstairs room of The Fillmore, The Foundry. The energy and excitement surrounding the band is something nearly unmatched by recent rock bands.

The band is currently in the studio working on a new album which includes fully mastered songs off their UK release and a couple new tunes. The album is expected to be out sometime early next year.

The first fifty fans in the venue who visited merchandise were offered a meet and greet photo opportunity with the band. Joining the email list gets you a free pin and a chance to win a post-show meet and greet.

Luke Spiller vocalist, songwriter, and frontman of the bandstarts the show jumping onto the stage and confidently dancing around making the crowd erupt. The charisma of Spiller is only matched by his glamorous outfits, shaggy black hair, and glittery face. The raw, powerful vocals are backed by a group of talented musicians with the same unique vibe with flowing vintage outfits, old school instruments, and on-stage antics. Each song is sung with such conviction where the lyrics are heartfelt and throughly believed in.

There are very few artists that can bring an entire crowd to their feet like The Struts can. When Luke Spiller says jump, everybody jumps. Spiller parts the crowd in two, tells everyone to sit, and creates a sing-along contest between each side. Even the band members on stage follow Spiller’s lead, sitting, singing and participating with the fans.

For the encore a silence falls over the crowd as Spiller tells everyone to sit once again. Almost as if the crowd was in a movie with a perfectly choreographed score, on cue the whole crowd is on their feet jumping, dancing, and singing as the music kicks out again and the fans are blasted with champagne.

The diverse crowd had people of all ages, genders, and lifestyles out for a good time. It was a genuine crowd of music lovers who know that The Struts are destined to be big. Whether it be with champagne, photos, or picks and sticks, you’re sure to take a little bit of The Struts home with you.

Many people have questioned who would be the band to bring rock music to the top of the charts. For every person who has seen the live performance, they know: The Struts are hope.

You can’t search the band without finding the many performance comparisons to Queen, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie. To even be compared to such prestigious rockers goes to show the talent of the band.

Regardless of how they’re classified, there’s a desperate need for a group that can lead a new generation to records centered around rock and roll, inspiration, and hope. The Struts bring excitement, a new sound, and quality songwriting to a dreary industry.

The only question is: Where have The Struts been all these years?

Roll Up
Could Have Been Me
She Makes Me Feel Like
Let’s Make This Happen Tonight
Dirty Sexy Money
Put Your Money On Me
Where Did She Go

The Struts will be back in Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts on December 17th.

For more information on The Struts, please visit:

Official website: https://www.facebook.com/thestruts
Facebook: http://www.thestruts.com/

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