The Red Button Release New Music


“I think,” says Mike Reukberg who comprises one half of the retro-sounding band known as The Red Button“I think we are rock’s greatest odd couple. We don’t agree on much but we do agree on music!” 

“I was finishing up a solo CD in the studio and there was Mike just hanging out and we just got into a conversation about music,” elaborated the other half; Seth Swirsky. “We both love the three minute pop songs and thought we can’t do this. Then we thought, we both listen to and love music ranging from Smokey Robinson to Celine Dion; yes we can. I mean; why not? I’ve written songs for Taylor Dayne (“Tell it to My Heart”), Rufus Wainwright (“Instant Pleasure”), Tina Turner and Al Green as well as three bestselling books about baseball and I’ve made a documentary called, “Beatles Stories;” I think we can write some pop songs (laughs).”  

So the duo set out to write the music that they enjoyed and in 2007 they released their first album called, “She’s About To Cross My Mind.” The album won, “Album of The Year” in many music polls which led them to release a second effort, 2011’s, “As Far As Yesterday Goes.”  

“Mike and I didn’t want to be The Ruttles,” said Swirsky. We are both good at writing the three minute pop songs so that’s where we went to work. I brought the pretty stuff and he usually dirtied it up (laughs). Me personally, I want to make a melody that you can’t get out of your head.”  

“Seth and I bonded immediately,” says Reukberg. “I heard his record before I ever actually met him and he was singing with an English accent; I think I made fun of him (laughs). Then we both discovered our love of the Beatles and we got into a deep discussion about, “Lady Madonna,” we were like a couple of Talmudic rabbis” and as he laughed even more loudly about his analogy he went on to summarize his take on the band; “This is where we indulge ourselves, we get to go British.”  

 Swirsky wholeheartedly agrees with his partner and both he and Reukberg are ecstatic with what they’ve achieved thus far and are very excited about the recent release of their latest two CD set called, “Now It’s All This,”featuring 33 tracks of re-mastered previous releases, six new songs and four “Unplugged Rarities.”  

“Marty Scott over at Jem Records is really the one to thank for this,” said an appreciative Swirsky. “We had a bunch of songs recorded and wanted to get them out there, you know, to give our fans the latest and greatest (laughs); we just felt that it was time. Our first record sold like 15,000 copies and that came out of the blue and took us by surprise. We then figured, OK, maybe we’ve got something here so we made another one and this one revisits some of each and some new tracks with some surprises; we really like it.”  

Even though they’ve both had behind the scenes success, Swirsky writing for others and Reukberg on Geffen Records with a previous band, greeting card music, film scores and TV soundtracks, as Swirsky explained, they are quite dedicated to the product which they produce for the public. “We pride ourselves on the fact that nothing is filler. We don’t just write songs to take up space on an album. When we write, we write with the intention of being really good, we never say, yeah OK that’s close enough because this is what we love to do and we do it the best that we can all of the time. Albums are a lot of work, in spite of all of the dangers of putting one out, we just do it and I think it’s because Mike and I have a real passion for what we do. We just want people to feel good and to us that is the coolest thing.”  

Favored sons on, “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” radio program and with their material featured on shows such as, “Family Guy” and various satellite radio channels, you’d think they might be used to hearing themselves by now; or are they? “I was listening to the Sirius XM channel, “The Loft” one day and suddenly I heard our single, “Can’t Let Candy Go” and it’s very satisfying. I love hearing our music or anyone’s music who we’ve been involved with over the car radio or in a hotel lobby, elevator or wherever; it really never gets old.”  


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