The 80s Cruise Scrapbook


The bands, the costumes, the ports, oh my! Here are some passenger thoughts and pictures from passengers following this year’s Cruise.

Favorite Costumes

The 80s Cruise wasn’t just about concerts, it was also 80s cosplay. Here are some of passengers favorite costumes from this year:

Bryan Do as “Long Duk Dong”.
Photo by TuKe Photography
The Yip Yips tied for first place with The Smurfs. Photo by TuKe Photography
Only on the 80s Cruise would someone find the Hamburgler offering up a cheeseburger. Roy Fredericks and Christopher Olivas by Chuck Coverly
“Islands in the Stream”
by Chuck Coverly

Claudine Edwards had to have the Smurf costumes shipped to and from Ft. Lauderdale. Photo by Tuke Photography
Brad and Katy Williams’s Tron costumes looked even better in the dark.
Photo by TuKe Photography
Amanda Olivas, dressed as Terri Nunn, and Terri Nunn
Possibly the best Beetlejuice costume ever seen on the Cruise. Now maybe everyone can retire the Beetlejuice theme.


Everyone loved the Cruise, but there were a few things they would change if they could.

Most people agreed that scheduling was an issue:

“I realize it’s hard to get everything in but less overlapping of the bands would be a start.” – Myley Rosenbaum

“I didn’t like was the counter-programming where I had to miss things I wanted to see/do because of our red card show on the main stage.” – Chuck Coverly

Maybe it’s time for rethink themes?

“Change theme nights to have an 80s horror night…” – Dave August

“I would suggest they put up some sort of jumbo tron/video screen so that everyone can see the costumes during the judging.” – Fulana Perez

“All the theme nights winners should be chosen by the fellow cruisers.” – Regina Kroll

Everybody loved the 80s music, some just wanted more of it:

“Too much top 40. (There was) so much more in the 80’s, especially for dancing to.” – Mina Credeur

“I would have liked to hear say the top 100 from any given day out of the 80s, not just the top 20.” – Melanie Zarth

But there really wasn’t much to complain about…

“Make days last 36 hours.” – David Drill

Celebrity Sightings

Passengers took every opportunity to get pictures with their favorite musicians:

Kelly Scruggs and Terri Nunn
Melanie Lozinak and Rick Springfield
Deb Kinar and Mike Reno
Camdria Low, Mark Goodman, and Alan Hunter

Cindy Bensur with Fee Waybill
Wendy Molony and Mike Reno
Deane Draper and Tommy Heath
Jennifer Belk and Alan Hunter

“Thank you for being a friend”

Overwhelmingly, the thing people like most about the Cruise was the the camaraderie they shared with other guests.

“It is crazy how everyone on the cruise instantly became family as if the 80’s were some magical bond.” – Margo Popkowski

“The friendliness of the other guest! Totally inclusive environment!” – Kathy Machacek

“Everyone is just happy!” – David Drill

“I think its a good mix of people that enjoy the music and enjoy participating in a week long ‘Halloween type event’. – Gary Flanagan

“Now that we’re three years in, the cruise feels like a summer camp/class reunion where we get to hang with people we only get to see once a year…” – Robin Legat

“Favorite part of the cruise was being with like minded people that made you feel that you are actually back in the eighties again.” – Laura Ann Nitka

“All of the friends we have made in the past two years!” – Amanda Olivas


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