Echo Black, City of The Weak Rock Asbury Park Music Foundation


Asbury Park Music Foundation was the scene of a recent performance featuring Echo Black and City of The Weak. This unique and intimate venue provided the perfect setting for this show and the bands did not disappoint.

City of The Weak, a hard drivin’ band out of Minneapolis, MN fronted by the dynamic, “Stef w/ an F” got things rolling with an intense set of some of the best straight forward rock and roll that this reviewer has ever seen. She set the tone not only for the band but the room with her grab your face and listen to me style which served well as it worked the room into a frenzy.

A tireless touring machine, City of The Weak pumps out high energy, raw, loud and edgy rock ‘n’ roll well worth the price of admission and should become even a bigger force to reckon with in the very near future.

Next up was Echo Black, fronted by enigmatic vocalist Danny Blu; this New York City area foursome, whom on the surface seem to be a cross between early glam and full blown Gothic rock with videos that have a techno twist. Their live show however, takes a totally different direction and sucks you into their realm with ease.

Their 10 song set rocked hard from start to finish, continued to energize the crowd and actually drew blood from Blu. Featuring great band and crowd interaction along with a well-designed set list which flowed perfectly, they navigated the room with ease.

A very tight knit unit, Echo Black uses all the tools of their trade to keep one interested. Electronic drums, synthesized bass guitar, a nice change of pace featuring drummer Billy Long on acoustic guitar and yes, a bloody lip were all part of the package on this near perfect evening along the Jersey Shore. Blu somehow managed to take a microphone to the mouth during the title cut of their most recent release, “Dawn,” no doubt in part due to the constant motion among each other on stage. This little mishap plagued him for the final three songs but had zero effect on his performance.

One of the features of the Asbury Park Music Foundation is its size; it is a small room which carries an, “Underground” vibe; the sort which may have been prominent during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Greenwich Village scene and was the perfect choice for this show.

City of The Weak and Echo Black have toured extensively together at times and are a great fit for one another. Whether together or apart, each is worth the effort.


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