Kent Speakman, a Hollywood producer & creator of KNEKT TV has won the Most Influential Producer of 2018 at the 2nd Annual Influencer Awards held in Bel Air.

The Influencer Awards (formerly i100) celebrate and recognize individuals who have established a significant broadening influence through the use of social and traditional media. Nominees are selected in areas including fashion, television / film, health, home and philanthropy. Coupled with iawards’ purpose in recognizing social and professional influence, the awards event also serves to raise funds benefitting charities that assist victims of human trafficking.

“Kent does the job of 20 people at once, I don’t know how he does it, but we are proud to give him this award for his relentless work in the fight against human trafficking and so many other important causes.” – Jessie Imundi, Founder, Influencer Awards

Other Winners included, Jay Shetty for his global impact in Transformational Content, Bruce Caulk, writer-director of “Chelsea’s Light” which persuaded lawmakers across the country to adopt Chelsea’s Law that protects children from violent sexual predators. Sean Elliot and Hans Grevenstrale were awarded for their influence in the world of luxury real estate.

Speakman has produced hundreds of state of the art live shows, working with organizations spanning the United Nations Association and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Daytime Emmys).

Kent has proven to be an extraordinary live producer, who has refined his skills to enhance positives in the world. This has included assisting causes, in broadening their circle of support as well as the intangible and lasting effect following each of these events. Human, humanitarian and environmental causes ripple across the world following a the viewership from a live event.

“It is truly an honor and I am so grateful for this award, and it comes down to having a great team of people to produce these shows with. Many of the people we work with are not just colleagues, but are friends and family, and I share this excitement with them to be honored for creating impactful content. We have a responsibility to use our influence for good, and its a responsibility that I take very seriously.” – Kent Speakman

Kent uses his platform, KNEKT TV, to spread news of awards and celebration of what is good on the world. State of the art live productions and cutting edge digital distribution have broken viewership records for the “Daytime Emmys” as well as “Desert Smash,” an annual tennis tournament which has been hosted by Will Ferrel, Kevin Hart, and Jon Hamm in past years. In 2016, KNEKT TV won the iMedia Campaign of the Year, for the live show “A Power of a Wish Gala” which Speakman Produced for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

KNEKT TV is a production studio with an award winning live production focus that creates engaging video content, connecting fans and followers with content that matters. KNEKT quickly became a market leader in live streaming to its OTT platform as well as Facebook Live, Youtube, Periscope, Twitter & more. Single shows have garnered over 1.3 Million live viewers, and the launch year reached over 100,000,000 impressions. KNEKT has introduced its own multi channel network, KNEKT Television, into the marketplace with Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android and web apps available worldwide since 2017. With over 8,500 videos including series and feature length films, KNEKT TV is the largest socially concious focused television network. Speakman is the CEO of KNEKT TV and Executive Producer for the majority of the live shows.


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