Blondie guitarist, Chris Stein, discusses new book, “Point of View”


1. Chris Stein and Debbie Harry

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

Chris Stein & Debbie Harry Point of View The Cooper Union Great Hall New York, NY November 30, 2018

2. Lined up at The Cooper Union

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

Fans line up outside The Cooper Union in NYC on November 30, 2018 for Chris Stein’s book event.

3. Interview with Chris Stein

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

Chris Stein and Debbie Harry of Blondie were interviewed by Rob Roth (Blondie’s creative director), about Chris’ new photography book, POINT OF VIEW.

4. Debbie Harry at The Cooper Union

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

The hour long discussion took place in the Great Hall at Cooper Union in New York City and touched on many subjects such as New York in the 1970’s, Blondie’s early history and 9/11.

5. Chris Stein signing books

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

POINT OF VIEW was published by Rizzoli Books in October 2018 and features 208 pages of unseen photographs of New York City’s 1970s heyday.

6. Chris Stein meets with young fans

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

Chris Stein takes a moment with two young fans after the discussion.

7. Chris Stein strikes a pose with a fan

Copyright ©2018 Joe Ryan

Chris Stein poses with Blondie fan, John Sibby, after the discussion.


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