10th Annual New Media Film Festival Now 3 Days: June 4, 5 and 6, 2019


Since the festival’s 2009 inception, Honoring Stories worth Telling has been New Media Film Festivals mandate. As the 1st Major Festival celebrating innovation, story, mediums & platforms, New Media Film Festival has led the way in the pursuit of stories worth telling, the exploration of new media technologies, boundary pushing resulting in new distribution models and creating and establishing new methodologies in the global monetization of content. The New Media Film Festival embodies the transformative power of the cinematic arts and it reaches across cultural bridges to wed story and technology for everyone. In 2018 the festival had 110 New Media Films & Content from 40 countries. 36 world – 7 US – 26 Los Angeles Premieres.

Dedicated to producing a cutting-edge, fair, upscale festival devoted to upcoming and seasoned content creators. More than 20 competitive categories are now open that collectively celebrate a broad spectrum of storytelling – podcasts, web series, Mobile media, virtual reality, augmented reality, drone, 3D, and many more. Huffington Post aptly describes the festival, “Makes the cutting edge accessible.”

As noted by SAG & Golden Globe Winner Matthew Modine, “New technologies have empowered and enabled creators outside of a studio or network system to make their own movies and develop cutting edge entertainment. Affordable cameras and editing software allow artists to create and express their skills for a multitude of new distribution platforms. We are presently witness to how storytelling is being redefined in the 21st Century. New Media Film Festival highlights and showcases what will come next.” The festival extends its forward thinking to promote a positive future and proudly honors luminaries with its Socially Responsible Conservationist Award. Recipients have included Jeff Bridges, Sir Paul McCartney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The festival is designed to both discover and cultivate highly creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators. Judges at the New Media Film Festival include representatives from HBO, Marvel, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Television Academy, and other pioneers in the entertainment industry. Filmmakers vie for a chance at $45,000 USD value in awards. Accepted Filmmakers will benefit from a Red Carpet Press Junket, VIP Soiree, Web Series Superstar Panel, live music, technology panels, networking lounge, international art exhibit, Q&A’s, audience awards, and much more.

For more information and for ticket details, visit NewMediaFilmFestival.com


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