Five Reasons to Love Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy has been a Chicago based pop punk band since 2001 and gained a strong following of teenagers and young adults with their witty lyrics and catchy hooks. For whatever reason, Fall Out Boy fans that don’t fit into the usual teeny-bopper category sometimes feel awkward to admit it when caught listening in and checking out the buzz surrounding the band.

If you feel too old, too cool, or too tough for rocking out to a playlist featuring these dapper dudes, here’s 5 legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it:


Fall Out Boy has been together for over a decade and still consists of its four original members; a diminishing occurrence in the ever evolving music industry and world of so-called “guilty pleasure” bands.


The band’s music has evolved but stayed just as fun and cheeky. Their songs still underlined with angst now seem more relatable especially with a more pop friendly tone. They may sound like a bubblegum band, and yes, each member has his own fan club made up of mostly one gender and age group, but their songwriting and witty lyricism carry much farther than the Biebs or 1D.


Their most recent album, ”Save Rock and Roll,” includes collaborations with an unexpected array of popular artists such as Elton John, Courtney Love, and 2 Chainz, giving the album a fresh vibe that pulls in fans of various genres.


To further prove the greatness of “Save Rock and Roll,” the band is bringing back the thrill of the music video (MTV should take notes). Each track on the album is receiving a music video, a series they call “The Young Blood Chronicles.” With each video continuing the story of the previous installment, they can be played together as a short film. If you like action, wild animals, chase scenes, fires, kidnappings, and some subtle gore, you definitely will want to check it out.


The number one reason to play it loud and proud? Fall Out Boy is still putting on a high energy live show, full of guitar swings, tricks, and daring stage antics. They keep the crowd on their toes both visually and physically.


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