January 21, 2020 – Patrick Watson is currently on tour promoting his new album ‘Wave’. He kicked it off the 2020 dates along the West Coast beginning in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He returned to San Francisco after being away for a brief 8 weeks, when he last played at the Regency Ballroom. We caught him at the beautiful August Hall on Mason St, in the heart of Union Square.

                California-born Watson moved in his younger years to Montreal, Canada with the aide of his parents, perhaps to escape the heat of the Mojave Desert. It wasn’t long after that he was captured by the lure of music in the local church choir and soon was learning to play piano. Music seemed to follow him everywhere, so his pursuit of a career in it seemed quite organic. His years in choir, then on to music school helped him form his first band and got him through early shows opening for the likes of James Brown. Yes, THE James Brown.

                Since then he and his bandmates have produced 8 albums, and scored and tracked a few dozen songs for movies and television shows. He’s been building a list of awards, nominations, and accolades, too, that only add to his acumen. The band is also racking up the airline miles en masse. They seem to have played all over the world regularly, with a mid-tour planned for 4 weeks starting this February.

                The August Hall was quite receptive to him with this stop. One fan who traveled from Monterey, CA (about 2-1/2 hr. drive) told me she waited 15 years to see him in concert. He’s played here a few times in that span, but maybe she wasn’t available at the time? But we were all glad that he came back around again. This time playing songs off all of his studio albums. His quiet, melancholy lyrics along with the haunting accompaniment was quite a departure from most current artists. It’s a nice change of pace really. Musically he and his band are quite accomplished. Like many in the jazz world who seem to just throw notes around anywhere, everywhere, their playing is purposed to draw emotion that we didn’t know we were ready for.

                Many of his fans were ready for it, though, and thrilled at the chance to let them know how they felt. From an early shout out from one fan “Bonsoir Patrick!!” to the near “sing-alongs” on tunes like “Places You Will Go” and “Here Comes the River” his fans showed the love.                

                Catch Patrick Watson as he travels southward to Los Angeles, then eastward through Phoenix, Dallas, and Austin. After his European leg they return to the US and pick up on the East Coast with dated starting in early April in Toronto and New York.

For more information on Patrick Watson, please visit: http://patrickwatson.net/


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