German Indie Rockers KID DAD debut new single / video “Wire & Guns”

As already proven on their debut album “In A Box ” KID DAD once again shows with their new single “Wire & Guns” that they know how to add sound to self-doubt without falling into self-pity.

Wire & Guns is the third single off their EP “Bloom” which is set to release 10th December 2021 and impressively shows the growth that the band from rural Paderborn, Germany has made.

Their previous singles “Apartment” and “As Soon As America” showed a whole new side of the band both musically and lyrically, refraining from distorted guitars and rather explored the Indie/Pop genre. With “Wire & Guns” KID DAD return to their roots: Brute guitars, pounding drums and cracking emotions. Accompanied by a music video filled with a strobe-thunderstorm band performance, KID DAD stunningly release damned-up fears.

There are moments where your own thoughts are the worst place on earth to be. “Wire & Guns” from KID DAD sounds like the moment where love turns to insanity.

When you feel misunderstood, not heard or seen, ignored, or rejected it’s often hard to control your own impulses. The line between what happens in reality and what you are picturing or imagining becomes blurred.

The first half of “Wire & Guns“ sets this feeling to tune: The synthesizers relentlessly push forward and the lyrics tell the story of grinding self-doubt, shortly after the bass-drum is added – the long awaited outburst finally sets in.

From the second half onwards distorted guitars and desperate vocals take over the song in which the poetic persona further loses itself in obsession over not deserving to be loved. The situation seems pointless: “”My head’s just my torso’s crown / so I’m the king of my body / take it off me”.

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