Hollywood Undead at the Theatre of the Living Arts

On their eleventh stop on their House of Blues 20th Anniversary Tour, Hollywood Undead was enthusiastically welcomed by fans at the Theatre of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Following performances by opening acts All Hail The Yeti, 3 Pill Morning, and Escape The Fate, the short time between sets seemed endless to fans, but the mood quickly changed from chatter amongst showgoers to screams and chants. At 9:25 pm, the lights went down and a rendition of “California Dreamin’,” originally performed by The Mamas and the Papas, covered by Scala and Kolacny Brothers began playing. The song abruptly stopped and burst into “Undead,” the signature opening song of the band from their debut album, Swan Songs. The crowd exploded into chants of “Undead” until the band slowly made their way on stage and began performing the song with intense energy and enthusiasm.

Through their first three songs, the members of Hollywood Undead donned their signature masks, which are often duplicated by fans to show their support. Several enthusiasts explained that they spent hours and hours perfecting the replicates. Craig Mabbitt, of Escape The Fate, even took a moment to acknowledge a group of fans, who had come to the show dressed in full costume as each of the six members of Hollywood Undead, for their immense dedication to the band.

Following their performances of “Undead”, “Tendencies”, and “Been to Hell”, the band removed their masks and exposed their faces to their fans. The show continued with a high liveliness as Hollywood Undead switched to a song off their new album, Notes from the Underground. Dead Bite was welcomed by the crowd, who broke into singing along without missing a beat.

Hollywood Undead went on to perform an additional twelve songs, ranging from their debut album to their recently released. The fans showed their dedication to the band with the vigor that never let up once throughout the hour and a half long set. The band ended on a high note, performing “Hear Me Now” from their second album, American Tragedy. The members exited the stage, thanking the fans for coming out and supporting them. Fans roared with pleas for one more song, breaking out into chants of lyrics from various songs. The band returned to the stage and began and encore performance of “Everywhere I Go.” The crowd joined in ecstatically, and continued as Hollywood Undead concluded their set with a performance of “We Are,” encouraging the fans to sing along.

The energy of both the fans and all of the members of the band never let up throughout the entire set. Fans, young and old, declared it was incredible experience seeing Hollywood Undead. Several showgoers even stated that they never miss a show, and encouraged others to experience the band live for themselves.

Set List:
Been To Hell
Dead Bite
Up In Smoke
Kill Everyone
From The Ground
Coming In Hot
Paradise Lost
Another Way Out
Hear Me Now
Everywhere I Go
We Are

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