Brooklyn new-wave punk band My Son the Doctor announce the release of their upcoming EP Taste Those Dreams via Paper Moon Records (Daisy the Great, Brother Moses) out on October 8th. The second single “Bethany” is a grand anthem that playfully leans into nostalgic pop-punk tropes and is ripe with the infectious energy the band has become known for. “We genuinely love pop-punk and thought, what’s more pop-punk than a song about a shitty high school relationship? But we didn’t have shitty high school relationships, so we named “Bethany” after this very beige house off of a highway in Amish Country instead. Pop-Punk tends to romanticize these bad relationships that are toxic for everyone involved and we leaned in.”

Heartfelt sentiments entwined with the macabre are a mainstay on Taste Those Dreams. “There’s a line in our song ‘Necro,’ which is about a woman who can’t find a man she likes. It goes, when are you gonna taste those dreams? This record shines with tongue-in-cheek humor and an earnest passion for the music they create — while never losing any of the raucous energy or fun. 

Taste Those Dreams was recorded with engineer Ian McNally and mastered at Peerless Mastering by Jeff Lipton (Superchunk, Spoon, Stephen Malkmus, Wilco, LCD Soundsystem). Voted as “the best emerging artist ” by The Deli in March of 2021 and chosen for Marshall Amps Battle of the Bands this October, My Son the Doctor promises rollicking deliverance this fall with a handful of Brooklyn release shows and the debut of their EP. 

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