Paralandra Debut “Can’t Quench The Fire” Lyric Video

Springfield, MO-based hard-rock group Paralandra has returned! This time, with a brand new lyric video for the highly thriving single “Can’t Quench The Fire“.

The track comes from the recently released album ‘Street Magic’ on Legend Recordings.

Paralandra ventured to Florida working with the famed producer/engineer Elvis Baskette to craft their strongest effort yet. Hitting Billboard charts for their radio single among nearly half a million streams in its first week. The band is on fire and making a big impact!

When we spoke to vocalist Casandra Carson about the song, here’s what she had to say

“I vividly remember writing this song a few years ago, maybe around 2016, when I was still working this day job that was just sucking the life out of me. I was taking out the trash and thinking about how I wanted so much more out of life than just working 9-5, and I just remember the chorus of this song popping in my head and getting stuck there for the rest of the day. I kept singing to myself “I can’t quench the fire” and dreaming of a day where I could make music, something that I actually love to do, my full-time job. I kept working at it year after year, and eventually was able to make that switch to a full-time musician! I hope that this song inspires people to do what they love with their life. It’s just too short to do something day after day that doesn’t make you happy.”

Paralandra will be on the road across America in 2022, you can keep up with them and tour dates here –

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