Swedish Garage Rock Outfit The Hawkins Debut ”Aftermath” Mini-Album

Swedish garage rock outfit The Hawkins releases their mini-album ”Aftermath”. Following the release of 2020’s ”Silence is a Bomb” and its affiliated live-album ”Live in the Woods”, The Hawkins decided to make something different. The result is ”Aftermath”, a conceptual mini-album, dealing with the destructive aftermath of past relationships.

On ”Aftermath”, The Hawkins’ rock n roll-wittiness is presented in slightly darkened nuances. The band’s highly dynamic and quirky take on garage rock is performed with an underlying sense of held-back anger, angst, and apprehension. Experimental and bolder than before, ”Aftermath” offers 6 tracks moving from explosive outbursts of energy to calmer, acoustic parts, with manic episodes in between.

Each track of “Aftermath” tells a story connected to the aftermath of a tattered relationship. The Hawkins’ lead vocalist and guitarist Johannes Carlsson comments:
“The theme of Aftermath is kind of like the five stages of grief – but in the context of a relationship falling apart. There is denial in ignoring the signals of destructive relationships. There is anger to-ward self-profiteering martyrdom and recurring self-hatred from constantly fucking things up. Bar-gaining and begging for someone else to help you out of misery. Depression as an outcome in al-most everything and acceptance in letting go.”

Despite its lyrical theme, The Hawkins’ signature mix of entertaining songwriting and easy-going en-ergy is present throughout ”Aftermath”, adding up to a highly ambivalent mixture of dead serious-ness and fun. ”Aftermath” was recorded at Shiitake Sounds. Mixed by Johannes Carlsson and mas-tered by Hans Olsson. Cover artwork for the mini-album and its single tracks by Joel “Kebabfinger” Kallioniemi.

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