Zakk Cash has a “Millennial Life Crisis” in New Single

Singer/Songwriter Zakk Cash is making a name for himself quickly! After continuing to gain recognition on Tik Tok, he’s also recently announced performing at a major music festival this July!

Today, he’s back with a brand new, heartfelt single in “Millennial Life Crisis”

When I spoke to Zakk about the single and what it meant to him, here’s what he had to say.

“I wrote millennial life crisis when I was about to turn 25 and was feeling super defeated, I just felt like I should’ve been at a different point in my life, career, and relationships. I wanted to be super transparent with the feelings I had about getting older and feeling like you’re not living up to an expectation made by yourself or others. It’s crazy to think this song stemmed from me finding my first grey hair, crying, and then remembering I dye my hair grey so I’m older and dumb hahaha. I’m super thankful Julian Comeau (loveless) and Julian Witt (Foxera) we’re able to really push me and this song to create what it’s become.”

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