Critic City Debut “Weeping Willow” Single

Critic City has just announced signing with CB Entertainment for representation and artist development. Rising from the ashes of some of the most prominent Cleveland rock bands, Critic City is making its way both locally and into the national music scene quickly. Their new single “Weeping Willow” is sure to showcase that!

Critic City features Derek Hatfield (Guitar), Brian Hanculak (Drums), Andrew Lenthe (Bass), Steve Simbeck (Guitar/Vocals), and Chris Donley (Vocals/Guitar)

The band brings a polished yet edgy modern rock sound to the mainstream masses. With 3 EPs released already, they’ve just introduced a new single to the world in “Weeping Willow”

When we spoke to the group about the signing and song, here’s what they had to say.

“We’re excited to join the roster of CB Entertainment. Knowing their reputation for not only working hard for their artists but also understanding what makes each artist unique, we couldn’t think of a better company to grow our ideas and music with. As a band, we felt that “Weeping Willow” was a perfect choice to release first.  Musically, and lyrically, the song just takes you to a specific place of anxiousness that we feel a lot of us feel right now with the state of the world.
The slow build-up to the heavy, hooky chorus will hopefully stick in your mind to remind you that we only have this one world…
In the end, we want to do what is right and just, and leave this planet in a better state than it was before us…But we’re not sure if we’re able to…”

2023 will see Critic City continue to expand its touring, and festival schedule and more new music to come with some surprises along the way. Keep up with the band at

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