JOE SATRIANI Coming to New York City Area for Fine Art Exhibit on March 12th

Fresh off the heels of his first foray as a touring visual artist this past weekend in Florida, world renowned guitarist, Joe Satriani, is now planning to bring his showings to the New York area.  Satriani’s next art appearance will be at the Wentworth Gallery Short Hills, New Jersey location on Saturday, March 12, 5-8 pm. Satriani has prepared one of a kind pieces for the exhibit including original canvases and hand painted guitars. Satriani will also be releasing new music this year – his 19th Studio album, The Elephants of Mars, will be out on April 8, 2022.

“Joe is a master storyteller. Just as his music draws in the listener, his art draws in the viewer. His artwork is emotional, imaginative, and fantastic. Not only do you see the universe through Joe’s eyes, but you also contemplate our place in it.” – Christian O’Mahony, Principal Wentworth Gallery

Music and art are my passions. I like making the invisible, visible, and the unimaginable, real. The image on a canvas, or, an electric guitar for that matter, can make you feel something unexpected and revealing, something that is the beginning of a greater personal insight. Challenging the straight line and the concepts of what belongs with what excites me. I want to experience new color combinations to make me see beyond the prevailing reality. There’s a balance between seriousness and humor that can imbue in a painting a kind of resilience and longevity, making it forever contemporary. When I paint and play my guitar, I strive to be in a state of exhilaration and communicate that feeling to my fans. – Joe Satriani

(artist will be in attendance at all showings)


Wentworth Gallery at Mall at Short Hills

Address:  1200 Morris Tpke, Short Hills, NJ 07078

(973) 564-9776

Wentworth Gallery Will Be Following Latest Covid-19 Safety Procedures
Masks are required in all Wentworth Galleries
All Artwork on Exhibition is Available for Acquisition

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