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Hello! My name is Chris Bianchi. I’m the owner of CB Entertainment firm and also Legend Recordings. I’ve spent the last twelve plus years in the music industry both on the performance side of things- also as a career now, on the business aspect.

As new music is always being distributed- artists can feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to releasing their music. Here are a few tips for marketing and growing fans in 2022 and beyond.

I think it’s important to have an understanding of the landscape you are operating in at least genre-wise. Be in tune with what artists are at the top of their game right now and take a look at a few things that seem to be working for them (aside from just money).

A lot of musicians seem to think that if you make a song, even if it’s incredible, that just because you put it out and post it a few times online, someone is going to hear it- or care. Unless you are the lucky .001% that is often not how you can achieve the best results.

Have a vision in mind for where you want your music to go, the story behind it that you can share with fans new or old. Don’t be afraid to talk to them in videos or stories directly, host live sessions to engage. You can do so much with the lost art of simple and honest communication.

Choose the outlet that best reacts to what you’re comfortable with and trickle the others. What I mean by that is- since there are so many social media outlets anymore, test the waters so to speak, and find which network seems to react best for your style and comfort. Once you find that- strengthen that bond into the content and then trickle those posts or snippets into your other socials. Most times, you can even have that set up to post automatically across numerous platforms at once.

Consistency is also a key. People want something new every .2 seconds. It doesn’t mean you need to feed that but don’t go long periods without posting things or speaking to your audience. Just as quick as you’re remembered- it’s 10x as easy to be forgotten.

Utilize ads when they make sense for your budget and project. Things like Facebook, IG, Youtube can all run targeted ads and potentially reach new audiences all over the world. Don’t limit yourself or thinking once again to just your town, state, even country. There’s an entire world out there to reach at your fingertips!

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