Jon Stancer Shares “This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)” Video

Jon Stancer has announced his new EP, entitled, In Light Of, is coming in early 2022 and has released its first song and video. “This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow)”, is a contemplative and anguished plea to act on climate change (a timely release if there ever was one), set to a delicate and wistful waltz, moodily awash in piano, upright bass, strings and horns. Of the song’s video, Jon says, “The intent was to juxtapose the earth’s beauty with the ugliness of what’s happening to it, and to recognize humanity’s role in its deterioration. It turned out a sort of dreamy, if not slightly eerie public service announcement, which may have been unavoidable, as the track has a very focused, very grand and very stark message. Like any video, there was an aim to make it visually compelling, but there was an added ambition, which was to inspire awe as well as outrage.”

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