Scoobert Doobert releases full length “Big Hug”

“Like the majestic poinsettia, Scoobert Doobert was birthed from the sandy soil of Encinitas, California. It’s a rad little beach town in San Diego, most famous for its great surf and fringe-religious communities. One of our main beaches, Swami’s, is named after Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. His mediation garden is pretty dope.”

Praised as an “Indie Pop Treasure” by Last Day Deaf, Scoob continues spreading the vibes and gaining new space citizens in the Scooberverse. Freshly signed to Beformer records NYC/MIAMI, Scoob is making waves in the indie-pop scene, and then surfing those waves into all our hearts. His visual album “A Little Hug” is out now for your viewing pleasure, best accompanied by everyone’s post 2020 bestie, your bong.

“The goal of my Big Hug LP is simple: Give my listeners a big hug. Because I write, play, produce and mix my own music, I wanted to make something that really felt like this moment. We’re all emerging from our caves, full of fear, apprehension and social awkwardness. I wanted to make a record that helped people get through this. It has moments of bliss and self doubt—of anxiety and self depreciation, but hopefully, it acts as a transformative record for a transformative time. Like, it’s kinda perfect that my song “I’m an Idiot” was picked up by Spotify’s New Music Friday. It’s an anti-anthem for our post-post-modern generation, celebrating the joy of not knowing—and knowing you don’t know. I admit, I’m scared, just like you. We’re little apes on a little rock in a sea of nothingness, in the midst of a moment that crystallizes and highlights our impermanence and futility. But dude, we have each other. And after all, life’s all a lot better when we get a big hug.”

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