The Pocket Gods break Guinness World Record with New Album

Cult Indie band The Pocket Gods have gained the official Guinness World
for most tracks on an album (446) for their recent album –
500X30 Morse Code Days In Lockdown which was 446 tracks all around
30 seconds long as a protest against possible further lockdowns in

Each day of lockdown from March 23rd 2020 to June 21st 2021 (the
original end date of restrictions) has been converted into morse code
and then transposed into music for the piano.

The album is dedicated to all those who has suffered from mental health
issues during lockdown. Pocket Gods’ frontman Mark Christopher Lee has
suffered himself having had treatment for PTSD delayed due to lockdown.

“I know that some have enjoyed the lockdown many of those
fortunate to be furloughed but for many and especially for those with
mental health conditions it has been a long sentence and has led to
increased anxiety, panic attacks and suicide attempts. I hope that we
don’t get any further lockdowns this Winter” said Mark Christopher Lee.

Lee’s mental health issues which culminated in a failed suicide attempt
have been documented in the band’s film – Weird The Life And Times Of
A Pocket God
– which is out now on Amazon Prime. The film also
explores the bands highs and lows over 20 years including near misses
with fame – being discovered by the late John Peel shortly before his

The album also contains hidden messages for those with time and
enthusiasm for deciphering it.

The band who were discovered by the late John Peel and recently
championed by the likes of Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music, will also
release their new and 73rd album: ‘The Difficult 73rd Album.’

The band’s previous albums of 30 second tracks have gained them official
Guinness World Records for most tracks on a digital album and this one
smashes their previous record of 300 by some way!

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