Top 10 Things You Must See & Do at Firefly Music Festival

Music festivals offer much more than the traditional concert experience of heading to the main stage to see the headlining band perform. These festivals offer you a bigger entertainment experience. And Firefly Music Festival has a lot of things for you to experience.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Things to See & Do at this years Firefly Music Festival:

10. Pandora Sound On Lounge
Want a spot to turn up at Firefly? Pandora Lounge is the place! Dance the day away in the video booth and look fly with some baller body marbling. See you there! 

9. Toyota Paradise Park
Strike a pose at the Poolside Photo Op, treat yourself at the Tacoma Food Truck, and grab a complimentary silkscreen tote!

8. The Brewery
Firefly teamed up with Dogfish Head Brewery to bring you the one-of-kind Firefly Ale, as well as other craft brews and libations from the famous Delaware brew house. Stop in, grab a beer, and take in the taste of summer.

7. The Thicket
Feel the beat drop where you can hear a pin drop at this silent disco tucked between the trees. Grab a pair of headphones and bring your best dance moves to DJ sets in the Woodlands. 

6. The Nook
Step into the trees and discover a peaceful nook where you can rejuvenate during your weekend. Feel free to bring your own hammock to add to the hangout. 

5. The Pathway
The Pathway connects the Lawn Stage and the Main Stage, and is much more than just a walk through the woods. Travel from stage to stage and explore the art at every turn. The Pathway truly comes alive at night. This year’s “Brilliant Beacons” Pathway will guide you to the brand new Firefly Bazaar! 

4. The Bazaar
Follow The Pathway to the new Firefly Bazaar, where you’ll find treasures and trinkets galore at the Central Market, discover music, comedy and variety acts at The Roost, enjoy art and experiences, and more!

3. Good Eats
Nothing goes better with live music than great food, and nobody likes dancing on an empty stomach. This year there are great options available, including Woodlands Supper Club which features a gourmet tasting menu by Philly Chef, Alex Garfinkel, complete with Dogfish Head Brewery beer and spirit pairings. 

The Woodlands Supper Club will offer one exclusive seating per day to build a culinary community experience at Firefly. Try something delicious, meet someone new, and join the Woodlands Supper Club while spaces are still available! 

And check out Saved By The Max, a Saved By The Bell themed diner serving up classic eats and retro photo ops. Orders of burgers, fries, and other diner delights come with a hall pass that takes you back to Bayside High! Loiter by the lockers, play tunes from the jukebox, and try not to get sent to Mr. Belding’s office.

Plus there is a long list of other great food vendors serving up a variety of different types of cuisine to chose from. You definitely won’t go hungry at this music festival.

2. Bud Light Dive Bar Sessions
The Bud Light Dive Bar is back at Firefly! Hang out and watch the Dive Bar Sessions – intimate concert performances showcasing emerging talent across multiple genres. The Dive Bar brings the best of neighborhood staples, with cold beer, classic games, and live music. 

1. Toyota Music Den
Experience intimate sets with your favorite up and coming artists, pick up a glow-in-the-dark Firefly bandana, and much more!

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  • Dylan
    3 years ago Reply

    This is one of my favorite festivals. Great location. Always a fun time.

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