Getting Ready for Firefly Music Festival

Festival season is upon us. And one of the festivals I always enjoy attending is Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. And this years installment of Firefly is just about a week away. And I can’t wait to head there.

But before we all head to Firefly Music festival this year, here are some things to know in order to prepare for this spectacular event.

First off, if you don’t yet have your ticket, then you might be missing out on one of the best times of your current life. Tickets and camping (yes, you’ll want, and need, to be camping at this festival) are still available for purchase. Visit to purchase your tickets and camping today!

Be sure to start arriving early so you can unpack and relax before the weekend begins. Most people will start to arrive Thursday afternoon or on Friday morning.

Once you arrive, you will want to find you way around! Checking out a festival map will be very helpful.

Next, you’ll want to plan you day(s) and know who is performing, when and where. It’s a huge woodland and you’ll want to know which way to head to see your favorite bands performing. Check out the Firefly Music Festival schedule.

And here is the schedule for the Silent Disco, which is always a favorite of mine. And from the large gathering, it appears to be a huge favorite for many.

Chelsea Cutler attended Firefly during her Freshman year at Amherst College. Here are a few tips from her on what to bring and what to expect to ensure you and your friends have the best Firefly experience ever!

And you’ll also want to check out the Bazaar. The “Brilliant Beacons” Pathway will guide you to this brand new feature where you’ll find treasures and trinkets galore!

And don’t forget, you need to eat. And there are plenty of delicious options to chose from. Check out the Firefly Eats lineup!

Well, I hope this all wet your appetite for this years Firefly Music Festival.

I look forward to seeing you in Delaware.

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