YARLIE releases debut EP “Stupid With A Sore Heart”

Sweden’s biggest crybaby YARLIE is releasing her debut EP, ”Stupid With A Sore Heart”, which is a story about all the times YARLIE had her heart broken, as well as all the hearts she has broken.

”This is a letter of forgiveness. Yet It’s a middle finger up in the air, and at the same time it’s a tribute to all the brave hearts out there. The one’s who dares to love, over and over again.” YARLIE explains.

A tale starting with the first chapter about YARLIE’s first teenage queer love to the last chapter ending in her biggest heartbreak and break up so far. A tale magically wrapped up in analoge synthesizers, pounding 808’s and YARLIE’s remarkable voice.

Being an independent artist, female entrepreneur, as well as a non stoppable force in the body positivism and feminist movement, YARLIE didn’t doubt for a second when choosing the date for the release – 19th of November, the International Men’s day.

”For way too long the music industry has been a men’s world, that’s about to change. Watch me do it.” Yarlie explains unquestionably.

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