How To Land More Playlists

As a Label Owner and Artist Manager, I’ve tried nearly every website imaginable to release and distribute music. Most often everyone asks the same thing, “How do we land more playlists?” and I try to answer that as honestly as possible. It depends on the music, your fans if they engage with your page, and a few other factors.

The first tip would be to upload your music to whatever distribution company you choose at least 30 days in advance. This gives proper time to upload and submit via the Spotify for artists profile to their curation network. Keeping in mind they receive literally thousands of submissions daily.

Generate a pre-save link. Most often the distribution company can provide you with a pre-save link that includes a hub to save your upcoming release on all the appropriate channels of their choosing. Spotify, Apple Music are a few of the favorites.

Spend time interacting with your fans and encouraging them to pre-save the song as well when it comes out to add it to their own personal playlists. The more engagement your release gets, the better chance you have for gaining the attention of major curators as well more independent curators.

Spend time researching curators. Try to find lists that you enjoy and or already listen to. Find out who runs the lists and how to contact them to engage in submitting the song to be featured.

The last thing to consider is utilizing independent websites that allow you to submit music to curators. Beware of many fake sites that offer streams as most times they can be more harmful than useful. do your research to see if the website or company has a legitimate history before proceeding.

Have fun and keep writing!

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