3 Tips for releasing music

As an artist manager and record label owner, I’ve found these tips to be useful in our everyday lives when it comes to preparing to release music.

1- Plan in advance.

When you are preparing to release new music, it’s always good to plan in advance. Not only for your marketing purposes but to allow proper time for all the streaming and sales services to properly upload and identify your track or release. Most often, allowing at least 30 days lead time will help not only when it comes to submitting music and to playlist curators, but also to prepare and run your marketing leading to the effort’s release.

2- Engage and Ask.

Too often I see a musician feel that just because some fans automatically respond to their posts or like their photos, that the work is done so to speak for interacting with their fanbase or potential new fans. I find it one of the utmost important things to do when preparing a new release is to engage your present fans. Also to interact in a non-sales type manner with potential new fans. Tell them why the release is important to you, How them interacting in some way helps you, and find common relatable grounds to further connect on. If you don’t ask someone something and often repeatedly, you don’t get. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to click a link or buy an item!

3- Adapt and Execute.

Having a strong willingness to adapt, especially in the music business is almost a necessity. Even the best-laid plans can always happen something go wrong. Pay attention to the analytics in some way on what works leading to the release. After the release, you can also give it a few days or even weeks to allow ads to run, clicks to happen, and test audience engagement. If something seems to be working- do more of that. If you find something is not working, don’t be afraid to cut that out and adjust. You can have all the plans and visions in the world but until action is taken to execute and again, adapt along the way, you’ll often wind up stuck running in circles so to speak.

I hope some of this can be useful to you when it comes to releasing your next music! Connect with me here

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