Live Music Returns to the South Coast With Concerts In Your Car at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

Live music is back in Southern California, OK, well sort of back. Drive-in concerts have become one of the only ways for a band to perform live in front of an audience since COVID 19 changed life as we all knew it before. Locally, Concerts In Your Car has been producing shows at the Ventura Fairgrounds since June. CBF Productions founder, Vincenzo Giammanco, took the time to answer some questions about the venue and plans for upcoming concerts.

LP: Is it true that CBF Productions organized the first social distancing live event in California with the advent of “Concerts in Your Car” at the Ventura Fairgrounds?

Vincent: Yes, we started back in June and have produced 45 events since then. We’re doing everything from movies and cover bands to comedy shows and concerts.

LP: What are people allowed to bring with them in their cars? Food? Drink? Folding chairs? Alcoholic beverages?

Vincent: Visit website for info:

LP: Last week, most concert-goers enjoyed the show from their cars, but some music fans put out lounge chairs in front of their autos, and others would dance in place in front of your vehicles. What are the restrictions when concert goers leave their cars

Vincent: Visit website for info:

LP: You have a unique stage setup with four giant video screens facing in every direction. The configuration allows for cars to encircle the stage, creating a 360-degree audience. Is this concept popular with the band and concert-goers?

Vincent: Putting the stage in the center creates a premium viewing experience for everyone in the venue. It makes it so that basically, there’s not a bad seat in the house. The performers are sometimes skeptical, but once they get a chance to play, they love it.

To be honest, in-the-round concert formate is often reserved for mega-stars like Garth Brooks or Rolling Stones, so for us to be doing it in this fashion, it creates a unique experience for many of these artists who have never had that opportunity before.

LP: The music quality broadcast over FM radio is excellent. What are the technical challenges to achieve such good audio results?

Vincent: From the beginning of time, the sound has been coming from large speakers at the stage, so training the market on a new audio experience is a challenge. Entertainment Technology is our audio provider, and they spearheaded the whole audio experience. People seem to love it because they can control how loud or how soft they want to hear it.

LP: The music fans and bands all seem to be genuinely happy to be back in a live music environment. I noticed that the bands and their audience had found new ways to connect in this unique concert genre. For example, people in their cars use their horns and headlights to respond to the bands. Do you think this may develop into a permanent long term addition to the live music industry?

Vincent: Yes, absolutely. CBF is doubling down on this space, and we do think that, even after COVID, there will be a space for this. I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of what can be done.

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