Metallica Surprises Orion Music + More With Secret Performance As Dehaan!

Metallica, using the fake band name Dehaan, surprised fans by performing an unannounced set on Saturday afternoon at the band’s Orion Music + More festival in Detroit, MI. The band took to one of the festivals smaller stages, The Vans Damage Stage, to perform their debut album “Kill ‘Em All” in it’s entirety and it was glorious! The surprise set lasted for nearly an hour and fans were delighted to hear not often performed tracks such as “Jump In The Fire”, “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth”, and “Whiplash”. Metallica came up with the idea to use the band name Dehaan as a bit of homage to the actor Dane Dehaan, who is starring in the band’s film “Metallica Through The Never”.

Once the opening riffs of “Hit The Lights” were heard throughout the festival, fans came running for every direction possible at full speed to catch the band’s exhilarating performance. Even, Dropkick Murphy’s who were in the middle of their set on the Orion main stage, stopped and made an announcement that Metallica was performing across the field, it was positively one of the most memorable festival moments I have ever had the privilege to witness! It was also incredibly touching to see Ray Burton, father of the late Cliff Burton the original bassist for Metallica and contributor to the “Kill ‘Em All” album, sitting on the side of the stage for the band’s performance of their iconic first album.

Metallica front-man James Hetfield did tease the crowd a bit when taking to the stage to introduce Dehaan, claiming the band was from Baltimore and were’ sure how many people would show up for their performance. He also provided a major hint about the band’s surprise set via Instagram when he posted the following “Don’t miss Dehaan! #MUYA #mff#UwillRegretMissingThem#IfUdoUmightKillEmAll #winkWink#getIt?” You would have had to be following the band’s Instagram pretty closely throughout the afternoon, but he pretty much did give it away!
Dehaan a.k.a. Metallica ended their set by saying “We appreciate your support and hope to see you again somewhere.” Hmm…could that mean more surprises to come? With Metallica you never know!!!  Now I just want to know where to buy my “Dehaan” t-shirt!

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