No Limits Interview with Fabian of ‘Boyce Avenue’

Boyce Avenue, a trio from Florida, was recently referred to by Billboard as “the most popular band you’ve never heard of” and that remains true, for now. Pretty soon, though, it’s going to be hard not to know who these guys are. Members Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel are becoming household names. With over 6 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views on YouTube alone, the Florida trio already has plenty of online recognition. Coming off of a couple of tours abroad, Boyce Avenue’s “No Limits” fall tour starts later this month – a sort of homecoming for the band.

“When we were younger and we first started touring there was something really sexy and exciting about traveling abroad and playing Europe and playing Australia and playing all these crazy countries that you’ve never been to. And we still obviously love that, but now we have this newfound appreciation for our hometown, for Florida, for the U.S., our native U.S. soil seems just more exciting now.”

The band kicks things off in Nashville in mid-October and will circle the United States before ending the tour in Orlando, just a couple hours from the brothers’ hometown. I asked what was in store for Boyce Avenue’s October 24th show at Terminal 5. The band cut their teeth on performing popular covers (often acoustic sets), but they have also evolved to create originals.

“We really feel at home and are proud of our full electric set,” said Fabian. “We’ve worked really, really hard over the years to create this really dynamic set that has a flow.”

It shouldn’t surprise anybody that the band has worked hard at anything. Boyce Avenue went independent a few years back, so any press that they’ve received has all come from in-house. They take care of all their own management and design work. They’ve even taken their talents to the TV show The X-Factor as vocal coaches.

Fabian also had glaring reviews of their opener, Kris Allen.

“(Kris Allen) is a legit musician, obviously an American Idol winner, super talented vocalist. We’ve played with him before, we know he’s super talented, so he’s gonna make an incredible addition to the tour.”

So know now that these brothers are talented and hardworking. If you’ve got any sense, you’ll check out their videos online because the musicianship is something that you really need to experience firsthand. To close the deal and get you down to Terminal 5 for their show, I asked Fabian to provide a shameless plug for the band.

“It (the New York show) is always a highlight of the tour. One of the first shows we ever played was in New York and it seems like a lot of our fans stuck with us and have come back to see us over and over again.” He continued, “A lot my favorite bands roll through that venue, so we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure it’s an amazing show because it’s got history, it’s got a legacy there, it’s got big shoes that we have to fill, so we’re definitely gonna come hard for that show.”

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